WebAsOne Add List

by Mark Yuan

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Local list goal

  • One-click to locate local info

Local list structure

Group by categories

  • Online shopping: local shopping cart websites
  • Store: local stores
  • Websites: local websites
  • Others: communities, gigs, jobs, and service

Add an external link to a list

  • Register at a management website
  • After the WebMaster setup
  • On the management website
  • Click "ShortCut "agencyClientM"
  • Click Add to add a list

Add a list record

  • Link up to three directory groups
  • At WebLink: Enter an external link
  • At Title: enter the title
  • At text: enter a description. Only the first 140 letters are displayed.

Server hourly update

Newly added lists available after the update

Steps to Become a Certified WebAsOne Webmaster

  • Submit a request on webasone.com
  • Or send mail to support@webasone.com
  • You will receive a password request in your email.
  • After password reset
  • Log in to the management website
  • Click the "Training intro" red button
  • Follow the instructions
  • Find an existing website.
  • Use UI design website to duplicate
  • Copy the AIO file from the UI design website and create an updatable website.
  • Use the ShortCut to update the website.