• Add ai assist help, by putting all documents into a LLM

Cold Email

Hi [Investor],

I would normally ask [List of mutual connections] to introduce us, but we are in the midst of a fundraiser with more momentum than anticipated and couldn't afford to wait for the warm introduction.

Your portfolio is impressive, and I'm reaching out as I feel your background and skillset are the right fit for our company.

Here is a quick breakdown of where we are at:

  • Describe the Problem
  • State your Narrative
  • Here is some interesting data: [Add three key numbers that will get them to invest]
    • Stat 1
    • Stat 2
    • Stat 3

We've seen [share a unique insight, ideally into why you are growing fast, but it can be anything that piques the intrigue of the investor].

We are fundraising to take advantage of this opportunity. Given your investments in [List three companies], I believe you'll see the opportunity before us and have valuable insights into how best to capitalize upon it.

Here is my deck: Let's jump on a call to chat more: