by Mark Yuan

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Hard to start

Local digital agency

No unfair advantage

  • Similar technologies

  • Need to keep up with changes

Vertically integrated

website business system

Low cost, enterprise features, labor efficient

(Not DIY platform)

Paradigm shift

Waterfall single-stage

Good artist copy

Great artist steal

(To steal the codes from the internet,
make them independent, reusable blocks)
(1000+ blocks, steal designs/web apps)

Fast iteration

website process

to meet customer’s need

(The goal is to honor clients’ requests and receive their feedback instantly.)

Continuous Improve

almost all-changeable

productize websites


One Digital Agency

Per City, Worldwide

Started 16 years ago

Could accept customers ten years ago.

I refuse to do it.

Having customers will stop my innovations.

Bottom-up approach

(Provide the best value for end customers)

  • Build a successful agency in a small city
  • Replicate the model around the world
  • Expand the services for the existing market

Looking for investors

  • $500,000
  • To start two local agencies
  • Hire freelances to steal designs, apps
  • Low investment, high potential

Looking for early adaptors

  • One-year free trial of a management server
  • In the first year, waive the 3-month new website hosting fee
  • Equities with more than 30 paying customers
  • Visit webasone.com for more info

Want a continuously improving website?

  • See your website before you pay
  • Find an existing design/layout website
    • mostly likely a similar layout in 10 min
  • Localize websites too

Mark Yuan