by Mark Yuan

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Hard to start

Local digital agency

No unfair advantage

  • Similar technologies

  • Need to keep up with changes

Vertically integrated

website business system

Low cost, enterprise features, labor efficient

(Not DIY platform)

No unfair advantage

  • Similar technologies

  • Need to keep up with changes

Started 18 years ago.

  • Solo founder. 
  • The features in this slide are completed and well-tested.
  • Ready to scale unlimited websites. Only limited by the servers the hosting company can provide.

Current status

  • 12 active management servers
  • 20 hosting servers
  • 34 domains websites
  • 1800 subdomain websites

Customers, 18-Year Period

  • The goal is to improve the product, not acquire customers.
  • Having customers will slow down the process of product development.
  • Now, it is ready to have more customers.
  • Currently, 3 paying customers.

Paradigm shift

Waterfall single-stage


Technology Platform

  • Website process integration

  • Continuous process improvement

Good artist copy

Great artist steal

(To steal the codes from the internet,
make them independent, reusable blocks)
(1000+ blocks, steal designs/web apps)

Other Technologies

WebAsOne Platform

  • First stage: Contract and proposal
  • A long and tedious process to finalize the spec
  • The final spec is very hard to change after the contract is signed

Fast iteration

website process

to meet customer’s need

(The goal is to honor clients’ requests and receive their feedback instantly.)

Continuous Improve

almost all-changeable

productize websites


One Digital Agency

Per City, Worldwide

Bottom-up approach

(Provide the best value for end customers)

  • Build a successful agency in a small city
  • Replicate the model around the world
  • Expand the services for the existing market

Join WebAsOne

  • In the first year, waive the 3-month new website hosting fee
  • Equities with more than 10 paying customers
  • Visit webasone.com for more info

Want a continuously improving website?

  • See your website before you pay
  • Find an existing design/layout website
    • mostly likely a similar layout in 10 min
  • Localize websites too

Mark Yuan



Steps to Become a Certified WebAsOne Webmaster

  • Submit a request on webasone.com
  • Or send mail to support@webasone.com
  • You will receive a password request in your email.
  • After password reset
  • Log in to the management website
  • Click the "Training intro" red button
  • Follow the instructions
  • Find an existing website.
  • Use UI design website to duplicate
  • Copy the AIO file from the UI design website and create an updatable website.
  • Use the ShortCut to update the website.